Enter the trippy world of set designer Gary Card
Art | 31 July 2019

This summer, a touch of carnival has transformed Phillips’ auction house gallery in Berkeley Square. HYSTERICAL is an exhibition showcasing works by renowned set designer and artist Gary Card, whose vibrant scenery is exhibited in harmony with works from international contemporary artists, including Erik Parker, Cindy Sherman, Kenny Scharf, Ugo Rondinone, Joyce Pensato, Harold Ancart, Nicolas Party, Andre Butzer, and Paul McCarthy.



Inescapably immersive, HYSTERICAL presents psychedelic works that are fantastical and unapologetically loud. From Cindy Sherman’s manic doll (Untitled #426, 2004), to Ugo Rondinone’s hypnotic circles (February 8, 2007), Card’s explosively colourful set dovetails with the work on show. The result is a wonderland, celebrating the farcical, eccentric and brilliance within contemporary art.


Card’s reputation for creating playful pieces and dreamlike scenes has been bolstered by collaborations with the likes of Nike, Hermes, Commes de Garcons, Balenciaga, whilst his execution of multimedia practice has been showcased with album covers for Paul McCartney and couture design for Lady Gaga.

“I want the viewer to be thrown into a darkly comic world, part psychedelic fever dream, part saccharine cartoon chaos” said Card. “Like finding a tarantula in a bunch of bananas, these works capture something inherently sinister while appearing equally absurd and disarming”

As well as providing the backdrop to HYSTERICAL’s trippy landscape, Card has designed a site-specific sculpture and series of prints. Phillips have set up a shop where visitors can purchase limited-edition toys and collectables.

HYSTERICAL is open to the public until 21st August at Phillip’s auction house.

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