Colour fade

C.P. Company’s new Milan store is completely soundproof
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 10 May 2019

As part of a new experimental retail blueprint, C.P. Company is reflecting innovative dying processes in new stores around the globe. Starting in its native Italy, the first location to undergo this revamp is the brand’s Milan store.


Situated on Corso Garibaldi 95 and boasting 170 square meters across two floors, the store’s minimalist and modern interior provides a platform for a series of deconstructed shapes inspired by C.P. Company’s garment dyeing technique. While above the stairwell, a suspended lightbox alternates between day and night cycles: seasonal colours by day, urban hues by night. Think of it as a giant mood ring, if you will.

Elsewhere, extensive research has gone into creating soundproofing materials that keep at bay the city noise to create a sound-controlled environment.

C.P. Company’s Milan store is located on Corso Garibaldi 95.

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