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Frieze fills the Rockefeller Centre with sculptures
By Alex James Taylor | Art | 25 April 2019

It’s a first: Frieze is launching Frieze Sculpture at New York’s iconic Rockefeller Centre, opening tomorrow.

Set to be held annually in conjunction with Frieze New York, the public exhibition is Frieze’s first public art initiative in the US – and boasts free admission. Curated by Brett Littman (Director of the Isamu Noguchi Foundation), Frieze Sculpture draws together a prestigious line-up of works by fourteen leading international artists, including Joan Miró, Walter De Maria, Hank Willis Thomas and Nick Cave. The sculptures will be placed throughout the building and its grounds.

And the decision to host Frieze Sculpture at the Rockefeller Centre rings true. Built by John D. Rockefeller and opened in 1933 as a “city within a city” and a “mecca for lovers of art”, the Centre is home to an extensive collection of art deco motifs, artworks and sculptures.


“It is very exciting to be working on such a far-reaching project with Frieze New York and Rockefeller Center,” says Littman. “My goal for Frieze Sculpture this year is to curate an immersive campus-wide installation that is responsive to the architecture and Noguchi’s bas relief News (1940). I plan to include a diverse group of international artists, many of whom have not sited public sculpture in New York before, whose works are conscious of our current political moment and question how sculpture operates in our contemporary world.”

Frieze Sculpture runs at Rockefeller Centre from April to June 2019.

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