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Tony Hawk talks working with Anton Corbijn, his new signature collection and finding time to skate
Fashion | 8 February 2019

“The vision behind the range was to give fashion and skate enthusiasts alike a rare glimpse into my life before and beyond skating” says Tony Hawk of the new collection. “So, when the opportunity arose to work with Anton Corbijn – someone who shares a mutual passion for music and raw, unfiltered art – I knew instinctively that the creative direction would be extraordinary”.

With the arrival of Tony Hawk‘s new Signature Line clothing range, the legendary skater has teamed up with esteemed Dutch photographer and film director Anton Corbijn for a series of portraits first exhibited last month at Galerie M21 in Paris.

Gallery: Tony Hawk personal archive


The series not only explores several key sources of inspiration behind the new range of clothing, but offers a rare and intimate glimpse into the lesser-known aspects of Hawk’s life, whose benign mannerisms and genial demeanour have long concealed a steely and unflinching determination. With a number of photographs taken from Hawk’s own personal archive, the launch is an opportunity to delve into interests that lie beyond skating, yielding a new perspective on a personality otherwise inextricably linked to extreme stunts and gnarly bails.

Gallery: Tony Hawk Signature Line / photography by Anton Corbijn


When did you first come across Anton Corbijn’s work?
Tony Hawk: His work with Joy Division and Nine Inch Nails is how I first came to know his name. It was iconic but also had a unique continuity – so you’d instantly know who was behind the camera. And I thought Control was brilliant as a film.

How was the photo shoot with Anton? How long did you spend together?
TH: We spent a full day driving around San Diego, shooting at skateparks and some gritty downtown areas.

The photos show a snapshot into your life away from skating. How do you tend to relax? What’s that one hobby/activity that really allows you to switch off?
TH: Spending time with my kids is how I truly relax and stay centered. This is represented in our group shots as two of my kids are in them and a few of their close friends.

As you’ve become busier and busier, do you find you have to schedule time to skate?
TH: I sometimes have to schedule time to skate days in advance. My old approach was to skate whenever and wherever I felt like it, but adult life and many obligations has changed that dramatically. I try to skate three to four times a week at least.

How does the new collection reflect you and your life?
TH: It is a glimpse into my childhood and journey to becoming a pro skater with no roadmap to follow. And the designs are skate-influenced with an edge of high fashion.

Is there a piece you’re particularly excited about?
TH: I like the Hawaiian-style shirt with the black and white photos of my youth.


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