Top image: Still, The Nightmare Before Christmas, (1993) dir. Tim Burton

According to Andy Williams, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. However, it can also be a pretty stressful and tiring time, taken up by benign family chat, minor indigestion and sub-par TV. We get it. So we’ve asked some of our favourite people to curate their own Christmas survival guide, selecting their ideal films, music, food, location and more for a top Chrimbo experience. 

From heavy metal to her strict Turkish roots, Dilara Findikoglu’s references are as disparate as they come. Total authenticity with a zero fucks attitude – that’s her energy, the clothes unfiltered in her image. Here, the designer sets her sights high and pulls out an epic Christmas Survival Guide.

In true Dilara style, it’s a list full of gothic drama. Her ideal holiday schedule? Staying in a Transylvanian castle watching Tim Burton’s stop-motion classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas, with Edith Piaf on rotation. Can we join you, Dilara?


The Nightmare Before Christmas – my dream is to work with Tim Burton one day.”


“Pavlova with winter berries.”


“I’d love to spend Christmas in a gothic castle in Germany or in Transylvania.”


“Edith Piaf – listening to old songs makes me feel nostalgic and homely, perfect for the holidays.”


“White Russian.”

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