Ballsy move

Get this jock strap, become a real life Tom of Finland character
Fashion | 8 November 2018

When you hear ‘muscle-bound men clad in tight leather biker gear’, what do you think of? We are of course referring to legendary Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen aka Tom of Finland. A former captain in the Finnish army during WWII, Laaksonen went on to smash through the boundaries of art, pornography and masculinity with his depictions of herculean men, muscles rippling under taught leather attire (when there was any), including bikers, sailors, soldiers, and cowboys often in the throws of passion.

Having teamed up with the Tom of Finland Foundation, Stockholm-based men’s underwear brand CDLP are celebrating the trailblazing artist in a way he would very much approve of, through a limited edition jock strap and Tanga brief, presented in a monochrome palette.



While Tom of Finland’s influence on the line speaks for itself, each piece also features subtle homages to the artist with “Tom 79″ and “Tom 82” embroidered into each pair, alongside an accompanying portrait of the artist and a limited edition print.

“Tom’s influence on fashion and imprint on popular culture is undeniable,” says Durk Dehner, co-founder of Tom of Finland Foundation. “Designers that include Jean-Paul Gaultier, Tom Ford and Helmut Lang have been influenced by his work. This collaboration marks how fantasy can come to life.”

CDLP x Tom of Finland is available at, and select retailers now. A part of the proceeds benefit the Tom of Finland Foundation.

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