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New York band Surfbort premiere the trippy video for new track Slushy – a love song for freaks
By Alex James Taylor | Music | 10 October 2018

Top image: Still, Slushy (2018) Surfbort / dir. John Stavas

“The record is about romance with other freaks,” says Dani Miller, the riotous frontwoman of New York band Surfbort, speaking about their debut LP. Set for release later this month, the album, titled Friendship Music, is exactly that: music created to “be a friend to the masses and make people feel less alone.”

Set to blink-and-you’ll-miss-them scuzzy riffs and the sort of melodies Joey Ramone would unquestionably bop to, it’s a two finger salute to those out to cause harm and a big scuzzy hug for everyone else. As our writer Rachel Grace Almeida neatly summed up in HEROINE 8: “It’s not often you get a lead singer that quite literally vomits on Donald Trump’s face at a show, but Surfbort doesn’t do things by halves.”

Marking the band’s debut record, they’ve given us the video exclusive on their new track Slushy, a song about that melty feeling of being in love during cuffing season, cuddling up with a big ol’ slushy from the 7-11. Hit play below.

Alex James Taylor: Slushy is a very Surfbort type of love song. When did you write it and why did you choose this track to release from the record?
Dani Miller: Slushy was actually one of the first Surfbort songs ever written, our original guitarist Matt Picola wrote it. It’s the only original Surfbort song we still play. It also happens to be one of Julian Casablanca’s favourites, which rules. We’re releasing this as a single because it’s the most true to the Surfbort style. Matty’s songwriting is genius and mimics an eccentric man hiding in piles of snow writing love songs. Matt Picola says the song is about “falling in love in the Fall and not wanting the seasons to change come spring.”

AJT: And who made the video? It’s very, slushy.
DM: The video is made by John Stavas! He was so fun to work with and hit us up because he loves our music. He has made a ton of videos for friends and we loved the videos he did for Deap Valley and Sextile. We filmed with a green screen because we wanted to make a trash-melting slush world.

AJT: Your debut record comes out soon. How does it feel to have it all wrapped?
DM: Our debut record Friendship Music comes out 26th October via Cult Records and Fat Possum. Also Rough Trade is putting out an exclusive purple vinyl and Roolette Records in Australia is also putting out the record too! I am so grateful and excited! This has been a long time coming and I can’t wait to share the record with the world.

“The record is about romance with other freaks”

AJT: What’s the overall feeling of the record?
DM: The overall feeling of the record is being aware of how fucked up the world is and getting together with friends to support each other and fight the messed-up systems that are in place harming innocent people. The record is about romance with other freaks. The record is about screaming and dancing at the end of the world. Its anti-white supremacy, anti-rapist, anti-hate, anti-our-fucked-up-government. The record will hopefully be a friend to the masses and make people feel less alone.

AJT: How would you recommend people listen to Slushy?
DM: Go get a Slushy from 7-11 and walk the streets listening to Slushy. Or listen with a friend at home on the couch. Listen to it driving to work. Listen to it when Fall turns to Winter and you see the black slush on the streets. Listen to it when you fall in and out of love.

Surfbort’s debut record – Friendship Music – is out 26th October via Cult Records.

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