Ride the wave

See Matthew McConaughey play a stoner surf bum in Harmony Korine’s new film
By Finn Blythe | Film+TV | 12 September 2018

In what appears to be equal parts Spring Breakers and The Big Lebowski comes the latest film from Harmony Korine (KidsGummo), starring Matthew McConaughey as the acid-eating, weed-smoking, all round loveable rogue, Moondog, who lives life by his own lax set of rules and doesn’t give a damn what you might think. (Think McConaughey’s David Wooderson character in Dazed and Confused only all grown up.)

Set in Miami, The Beach Bum marks the end of Korine’s six-year hiatus from the movie industry and a reunion with Benoît Debie, the Belgian cinematographer who worked with Korine on Spring Breakers back in 2012. Accompanying McConaughey is an eclectic cast including Snoop Dog, Zac Efron, Jonah Hill and Isla Fisher.

Having already spoken about being pranked on set with Snoop, who supposedly swapped stage weed for his own, high potency, personal strain there’s plenty of excitement to see McConaughey fulfil his surfer-dude alter-ego. With a release scheduled for March 22nd 2019, there’s still sometime before our questions will be answered, but we’re excited.

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