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Riccardo Tisci unveils a brand new Burberry logo
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 2 August 2018

With Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry debut at London Fashion Week only next month, the Italian designer has revealed a new logo and monogram.

Past | Future Thank you #petersaville #beginning

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Designed in collaboration with renowned British graphic designer Peter Saville, the new design marks the first time in 20 years the the brand has changed its iconic motif. Saville, best known for his album artwork for Factory Records, also partnered with Raf Simons to reimagine the Calvin Klein logo.

As revealed in a series of email exchanges between Tisci and Saville posted on Burberry’s Instagram, the new visuals are inspired by a 1908 monogram realised by Thomas Burberry himself and was created in just four weeks.

A conversation between #PeterSaville and #RiccardoTisci

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The #ThomasBurberry Monogram pattern revealed . #RiccardoTisci #Burberry

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Riccardo Tisci will present his debut Burberry collection on Monday 17th September at 17:00.

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