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Alan Crocetti’s new jewellery collection for is a homage to Brazilian modernism
By Finn Blythe | Fashion | 30 July 2018

For FW18, will be launching a new collection from Alan Croccetti, the Brazilian-born, London-based jeweller whose non-binary designs have appeared on the runway alongside Asai, Bobby Abley and GMBH.



Odyssey is a collection grounded in the aesthetic of 1960’s optimism, of ‘a future that never came’, shaped by two godfathers of Brazilian modernism, architect Oscar Niemeyer and landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. Between them, they pioneered a new age in design: one influenced by abstract forms and natural curves that seemed to have materialised from pure science fiction. With his revolutionary approach to the aesthetic qualities of reinforced concrete, Niemeyer was instrumental in designing the planned city of Brasilia, while Burle Marx, through his conservationist-led style, is accredited with introducing modern landscape architecture to Brazil.

The legacy of these men is reflected in the collection’s bold and fluid designs. It’s versatile jewellery that follows the body’s natural contours; an earring that sits snugly on the inside of an ear or a ring worn at the top of a finger, tracing the curve of its cuticle. In addition to the sterling silver collection, Croccetti has conceived a separate, eleven-piece signature collection made in gold plate, because what’s good in silver is even better in gold.

ALANCROCETTI FW18 is available now on

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