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Amiri PF18: legendary lenser Brad Elterman captures rising LA musician Sid Simons
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 21 May 2018
Photography Brad Elterman
Fashion Richie Davis.

“I grew up in Hollywood, like literally on Hollywood Boulevard,” LA-based designer Mike Amiri told us in HEROINE 8. “Around the time I was hanging out there, all these bands were coming in from all around the US… I’d just hang around the front with my friends, and as a teenager everything always looks twice as romantic, everything looked cooler.”

It’s an enduring memory that continues to feed the designer’s creative vision for his eponymous brand, Amiri, and one that has come full circle having recruited legendary photographer – and HERO contributor – Brad Elterman to lens his debut pre-fall collection’s campaign imagery, starring one of LA’s brightest young musical talents Sid Simons, frontman of Girl Skin.


Synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll excess, Elterman’s subjects read like the ultimate festival bill; from Joan Jett to David Bowie, Michael Jackson and The Beatles. Since first ‘borrowing’ his parents’ car and driving from his San Fernando Valley family home to LA’s infamous Sunset Strip, the photographer fell for those star-paved streets.

“The PF18 collection is a first for Amiri, so we wanted to integrate a new story that would help transition between our two key menswear seasons by revisiting and reimagining key styles in new iterations,” says Mike Amiri. “With this idea of heritage in mind, Brad was great for shooting this mood between the Venice skate styling of SS18 and the more romantic, gothic elements of FW18 because of his gift for capturing the spirit of legendary rock musicians like the Ramones, Bob Dylan and Joan Jett. The look book has a historic element to it, with Brad revisiting iconic locations from his career and also celebrating Sid Simons, a young singer who represents the new rock movement, in and around Hollywood, where Amiri all began.”

Shop the Amiri PF18 collection here.

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