Behind the scenes

The process behind Stone Island’s boundary-pushing designs
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 9 May 2018

Stone Island has always been rooted in progressive technical engineering. Whether adding to their in-house dye archive (currently standing at more than 60,000) or testing innovative fibres and textiles (such as its polypropylene denim, featherweight leather down and incredible thermosensitive fabric) the Italian brand’s factory is a place of bold imagination – complete with its own Willy Wonka of design, creative director Carlo Rivetti.

The latest piece of progressive engineering to leave the factory is the brand’s Stone Island Prototype Research Series 03. This garment release marks the third instalment of its native limited edition project, where pieces are constructed from fabrics and treatments created via research and experimentation processes that have not yet been industrialised, and therefore cannot be produced on mass level.


Here, Stone Island’s team have created a special nylon base jumpsuit made created with a mix of four polyamide based canvas fabrics, all with different weights, compositions and shrinkages. Treated with a high-temperature dyeing process that colours, shrinks and compacts the materials from 0 to over 25%, the jumpsuits are then re-proportioned courtesy of Stone Island’s pattern-making experts. It’s a long and intricate process that results in absolutely unique pieces.

But if all that tech talk is leaving you confused, don’t worry. Stone Island have kindly provided a film that goes inside its factory, providing a behind-the-scenes insight into the intricate process behind the garments.

Watch the film below. Warning: don’t try this at home.

Stone Island’s Prototype Research Series 03 is available exclusively on from 10th May at 3pm GMT. Alarms at the ready. 

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