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This exhibition draws together some of the freshest photography talent
By Alex James Taylor | Art | 8 May 2018

Photography by Ashley Bourne

Top image: Photography by Ashley Bourne

Last month London-based independent publisher Palm Studios announced its inaugural Palm* photo prize, calling for lensers working across all disciplines and styles to submit their photography. The prize? To have your work shown at a special exhibition to be held at London’s House of Vans.

And you responded in your masses. “We’re so happy with the amount of submissions we received,” says Lola Paprocka, photographer and founder of Palm Studios. “Over 1600 people submitted and it was originally only supposed to be 100 finalists but it was too difficult to narrow it down to only 100 so we extended it to 120.”


In a notoriously difficult industry for nascent talent to break through, this prize offers just that, allowing young photographers to get their images on gallery walls and in the public eye. “The Photo Prize is special because there are so many artists exhibiting. It’s really nice that they can be involved in an event where they can invite their friends and family along and the room is packed with really talented people,” adds Lola.

A strong selection that boasts work from spans continents and styles, the final selection draws together portraits, documentary, landscapes and abstract works that will be on display at showcased at House of Vans from 10th May until 3rd June.

Find more information here.

Photography by Josh Jones

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