Hell on Earth

Supreme resurrects Hellraiser’s Pinhead across t-shirts and skateboards

What with his acupuncture-gone-wrong look and his sadomasochistic tendencies, Hellraiser‘s Pinhead is the ultimate horror pin-up (get it? Subtle…).

Now, Pinhead, leader of the Cenobites, sees his street cred triple, appearing on a brand new Supreme capsule collection. Appearing across trench coats, shirts, sweaters, football jerseys, mesh shorts, sweatshirts, a skateboard deck and more, stills from the 1987 mix with the film’s iconic tagline: “Hell on Earth”.

Released in 1987, Barker’s original 1987 film became an instant cult classic. Remembered for its extensive use of gore and eroticism, the slasher film broke the mould, expanding into a ten-chapter franchise. Fun fact: Pinhead was inspired by a hardcore S&M club in New York, where the film’s creator, Clive Barker, watched people getting pierced for fun.



And if you thought Hellraiser was scary, wait until you see the queue outside the Supreme shop when this one drops in-store and online on 26th April, followed by the japan release on April 28th.


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