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What is it to be a boy today? Spanish multidisciplinary brand Nouman poses the question
By Undine Markus | Fashion | 19 March 2018

Spanish architect and designer Victor Nouman defines his eponymous brand as ‘Boy Culture Ready’. Run by a multidisciplinary team of designers, architects and artists, the collective bump heads to explore boy culture by creating unique garments for boys who want to express a contemporary lifestyle.

Joining the dots between each of their disciplines, the brand explores menswear, identity, youth and gender from various angles. Having debuted at Madrid Fashion Week in 2017, Nouman has since opened his own flagship bricks and mortar space in the city – less a store, more a collective environment for a community of likeminded individuals.

For his latest digital campaign, the architect-turned-designer gathered together six twenty-something boys and invited them to reflect on ideas of gender, sexuality and fashion. Hit play on the exclusive videos from the first instalment that took place in Brussels earlier this year.


“People say that our generation is lost and stuff but…I think we are doing pretty great. We are having fun, we can talk to each other easily, like, we don’t have the distance problem. I’m really happy to be born at this time.”


Nouman: Room Conversations from HERO magazine on Vimeo.

Nouman: Room Conversations from HERO magazine on Vimeo.

Keep an eye on the next instalment of Room Conversations here.

Nouman: Room Conversations from HERO magazine on Vimeo.

All videos Directed by Sara Lekuona and Manon Yanes.
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