Watch King Krule perform a set on the moon
Music | 9 March 2018
text Cal Morris

King Krule‘s music has a transportive power; dreamily taking your mind to fantastical worlds. In a new video, this all gets real, as the musician finds himself performing an eerie live show from the moon (kind of).

The South-London based artist has released a 30 minute live set, in collaboration with the Molten Jets, tapping into his cosmic motifs by transforming his set into a lunar surface. It’s a fitting location for Archy Marshall (aka King Krule) – surreal and free-wheeling, much like his recent sophomore effort The Ooz.

The transmission sees Krule falling asleep at his home in South London, only to wake up on the moon and engage in killer set (with all the hits left in). The video anticipates his upcoming performances live on earth, as a North American tour begins in April.


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