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Disney theme parks are now on Google Maps Street View
By Undine Markus | Current affairs | 7 March 2018

Top image: Disneyland captured via Google Street View

Always dreamed of visiting one of the North American Disney Villages but never got around to it? Now you can do so without dropping a single penny as Google Maps has added Street View images for eleven Disney Parks.

Google used its Street View Trekker, a 360-degree camera mounted on a backpack, to capture images through walkways and structures. “We’re all about new fantastic points of view. Today Street View is going the distance, from California to Florida, to make Disney part of your world,” the search engine site wrote on its blog. “Be our guest at 11 Disney Parks, and with Street View, anything your heart desires will come to you—castles, rides, attractions to infinity and beyond.”

Captured via Google Street View

Google is committed to democratising art. Over a month ago, its Arts & Culture app introduced a new feature that uses computer vision to map your face against people in famous artworks from around the world. The overnight hit was preceded by an addition of World’s greatest art galleries which entailed 360-degree cameras touring the likes of Tate Britain and the National Gallery to capture ultra-high resolution images of world-renown artworks.

What’re you waiting for? Explore “The Happiest Place on Earth” – from the actual happiest place on Earth: your sofa.

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