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Exclusive listen: Listen to London band Childhood play a special Johnny Cash cover
By Undine Markus | Fashion | 9 March 2018

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Johnny Cash’s seminal record, At Folsom Prison. Recorded in front of a captive –literally – audience of prisoners in the notorious Californian penitentiary, the album cemented his outlaw reputation and status as champion of the downtrodden

So the timing couldn’t be better for Diamond Supply Co.’s new collaboration with the Johnny Cash Estate. “[The estate of Johnny Cash] just sent me photos that they wanted us to use and I flipped them into our own take,” says Diamond Supply Co. founder Nick Tershay, better known as Nicky Diamond, “I think the collection suits Johnny Cash really well and they were really excited about it.”

Marking the launch, Diamond tapped two of the most exciting acts on the London circuit, singer/songwriter Jamie Isaac and five-piece Childhood, to each record their own Johnny Cash cover. The result? Unique takes on two of the Man in Black’s most iconic tracks – hit play below.


Consisting of t-shirts, hats, hoodies and a selection of accessories – including one epic deck featuring Diamond’s graphic logo alongside an image of Cash – it’s a collaboration that just makes sense, after all, this is a brand known for bridging the worlds of skateboarding, streetwear and music – Odd Future grew up on Diamond while Jay-Z rocked their signature cap on his first US tours.

“I just feel like skateboarding is the same everywhere you go. I feel like you can be from different walks of life, no matter where you’re from, we all share love for skateboarding.” – Nick Tershay


Find out more about the capsule collection and follow the brand’s future drops here.

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