Slow down

Vetements are piling up your old clothes at Harrods
By Undine Markus | Fashion | 12 February 2018

If you happened to walk past Harrods last weekend you probably noticed that the store’s usual window displays were replaced by ever-growing piles of clothes. No, the staff weren’t on strike, it was all part of a new collaboration with cult Parisian brand Vetements.

Celebrating Vetements’ arrival to the store while also serving a humanitarian cause, the project seeks to address the issue of overproduction by inviting store employees and visitors to donate their layers in order to spark a conversation about slow fashion and mindful consumption, both core values to Harrods and the French fashion collective. Today, you can be part of it.

As Guram Gvasalia, CEO of VETEMENTS, has commented, “The main purpose of making this installation is to raise awareness and to remind the general public about the issue of overproduction, in order to start a proper and honest conversation regarding this issue and its effect on the planet. After the oil-industry, fashion is the 2nd biggest polluting industry in the world and overproduction is one of the biggest environmental problems of today. Over 30% of merchandise produced by fashion brands are never sold and end up in landfills”.

Watch a timelapse video of the installation below.

“In a very fast world, the fashion tends to be fast too,” Gvasalia added. “We like the idea of slowing down. We like the idea of slow fashion to buy less, buy quality and buy long-term. After the installation at Harrods, we are taking the concept to local communities worldwide to raise further awareness. We are planning up to 50 different installations popping-up globally this year”.

With all the donations going to UK children’s charity NSPCC, it’s an initiative that places Gvasalia and his collaborators at the forefront of the changing attitude towards fashion consumption, this time branching out to previously untapped communities worldwide. Up to fifty different installations are said to be popping-up globally later this year.

The installation will remain until Friday 2nd March. Donate your old layers and visit the new Vetements boutique at 87-135 Brompton Road, SW1X 7XL or follow further updates about the project here.

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