Watch the trailer for Wim Wenders’ trippy new Jil Sander film
By Undine Markus | Fashion | 29 November 2017

Jil Sander has tapped legendary German director Wim Wenders to showcase its SS18 collection. The campaign, designed by brand’s newly-appointed creative directors Luke and Lucie Meier, consists of five short films, previewed in the trailer below.

For this particular project, the Paris, Texas director has married his expertise in photography, documentary, and fiction, with the vision of the creative team at Jil Sander, creating a multi-faceted world that represents the SS18 collection.

Filmed in Berlin, the full visual campaign is set to be released in five stages throughout the month of December, replicating the format of a TV series. With an ambiguous narrative (very Wenders) as the backbone, the story follows a relationship between a man and a woman across multiple locations, time zones and climates, and refers to the the director’s previous features set in deserted urban landscapes that forefront the individual.

Here, Wenders paints emotional snapshots of different stages of a relationship, overall, creating a seemingly atemporal environment that contemplates on the feelings of isolation and belongingness, emotions that inspired the Jil Sander SS18 collection.

“The humanity and soulfulness of SS18 is an ode to the purity of emotion and the delicate balance between innocence and sophistication,” say Luke and Lucie Meier from Jil Sander. These evocative facets transpire throughout the five instalments, forming a holistic picture that the European fashion house has envisioned for the upcoming year.

You can find out more about the collection on

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