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Ed Templeton captures the free-spirited locals of Huntington Beach
By Aïsha Diomandé | Art | 29 June 2017

All Saints’ Huntington Beach Collection. Photograph by Ed Templeton

Born and raised in southern California, acclaimed skateboarder-slash-artist Ed Templeton has always felt at home at Huntington Beach. A renowned West Coast hotspot for skaters and surfers, the beach annually hosts the World Surfing Championships.

It’s this free-spirited quality embodied by Huntington Beach that inspired All Saints’ newest summer collection, named after the Beach. So naturally, Templeton was top of the brand’s list to shoot the campaign imagery, documenting the daily happenings around the area, featuring the summer collection worn by locals who inhabit the slacker lifestyle the beach has come to represent.


Shooting on location, Templeton photographed the unique characters who symbolise the languid and unconventional energy of the area. The spirit of the town is enlivened by the breezy, spontaneous shots, as the collection of linen jerseys, faded combat pants and worn denim cut-offs bring to life the atmosphere of those fleeting summer moments – an ode to the Americana image of youth and liberty.

“Anyone familiar with Ed Templeton’s photos of his hometown Huntington Beach will know what a unique spirit the town has,” says Wil Beedle, AllSaints’ Creative Director. “So when I found myself there last summer it seemed natural to start to build a collection around it.

A year later I went back, this time with Ed, a couple of cases of clothes that the town had inspired, and a group of kids that we had met along the way. We spent a couple of days just hanging out on the beach, capturing those spontaneous moments, and the images that we took away capture not just the laid-back, languid spirit of that time in Huntington, but every summer spent on the beach…”

The AllSaints Huntington Beach Collection drops 29th June. 

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