The twentieth installation of Loewe‘s hardcover publication is also the second to be shot by Japanese photographer, Fumiko Imano. Perhaps that’s no surprise given Imano’s penchant for pairing things – her signature style sees her accompanied in each image by an identical, and wholly fictional, twin sister.

The resulting scenes are imbued with a sense of playfulness and fun, but the origin of her style is less comical. An unsettled childhood saw Imano move from Rio de Janeiro to London and then Paris, before finally settling in Hitachi, Japan. The loneliness that dogged those formative years shapes much of her work, and the imaginary friend who would once provided some relief from the isolation is now a co-star and collaborator in Imano’s world.

Shot in the hulking mass of glass, concrete and steel that comprises Maison de l’UNESCO in Paris, former super model Liya Kebede finds herself tailed by Imano and her doppelgänger, dressed head-to-toe in new season Loewe. Exploring the vast building in which the collection was premiered earlier this year, the irreverent playfulness of each scene is juxtaposed with their bureaucratic surroundings, as though Imano were let loose on a ill-fated Take Your Child To Work Day. As always, this beautifully produced lookbook-cum-art portfolio is available for purchase as part of a restricted run of 1,200 copies.