• Text Nik Patel
  • Photography Gwenaëlle Trannoy
  • 26th June 2016

Organised chaos

“Organised chaos” were the words that so perfectly encapsulated the structured intricacies and mathematic mayhem of Madame Woo and Katie Chung’s SS17 collection.

With the wall-workings of minimalist and conceptual artist Sol LeWitt forming their artistic influence, the South Korean mother-daughter duo effortlessly conducted a runway orchestra of swirling lines, tri-stripes, block colours, and grid-prints that seamlessly transitioned from small to substantial, all backed by asymmetric tailoring that somehow co-existed with clean lines.

The collection, as seamlessly as its construct, shifted in its colourways; it sprang to life with vibrant butterscotch, tiger and cerulean, in the form of satin shorts, oversized suiting and sports jackets with drowning sleeves, before sinking back beneath a palette of brooding slate, oat, bone and charcoal.

Woo and Chung achieved a collection precise yet shapeless, blurred yet beautiful.