Versace SS14
24 June 2013


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There was much chatter of the coloured elastic tape that swathed the bodies of Donatella Versace’s men today.

Why the styling tricks across flesh, even if body art is exactly what this house is about: the body as a work of art.
Well, woven into the fibres of some of Donatella’s tailoring were silhouettes of athletes doing their thing across track, field and extreme sports. And it clicked.

This was Kinesio tape, an unproven therapy for sports professionals, though Versace had upgraded – naturally – from industry standard black to every pop-art shade you could think of.  Which put things into another territory, segueing conceptually into a boiler suit printed with Stein’s photography of Marilyn.

There were plenty of clothes here: jeans covered with epaulettes, denim jackets held together with heavy curb chain, leathers studded with medusa heads, printed silk shirts. The show started with a display of the punchy icons Donatella has created over the past seasons    that have defined the contemporary Versace vocabulary. Here was the next step, showing she could broaden that out into a punchy wardrobe of clothes.

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