• Text Alex James Taylor
  • Photography Takanori Okuwaki
  • 12th June 2015

Let's Riot

A mixtape by Trevor Jackson sat ready for each member of the Topman Design audience, the soundtrack to a collection that was a mixtape in itself.

The retro cassettes set the tone. This season Topman picked up where they left off last season, around the seventies, but whereas FW15 was defined by a West Coast aesthetic this season they looked to North England taking influence from it’s musical heritage: from northern soulboy tailoring to DIY Punk patches through to Britpop revival tracksuits.

Football jerseys under tracksuits under patchwork denim jackets, all with their own motifs, from motocross arrows to patchwork slogans – ‘Danz Like You’re Northern’ emblazoned upon one particular tee, stripes also featured heavily from two upwards (but never three).

Velvet suits and high waisted trousers shaped relaxed silhouettes that defined the collection’s ‘pyjama tailouring’, whilst ponchos, high cut shorts and matching sportswear combos curated the perfect Knebworth ’96 wardrobe, sadly 19 years too late.