• Text Zak Maoui
  • Photography  Takanori Okuwaki
  • 9th January 2016

Loose fit

This season Topman Design’s love affair with the nineties endured. The collection took the form and influence of a dishevelled student, not afraid to wear torn pyjamas and their father’s oversized and under-loved beanie to lectures.

Shearling, crushed velvet, silk shirts and oversized bleached out denim all consciously reference the care-free art students of that nostalgic decade, worn beneath outerwear – dogtooth overcoats, over-sized jackets and over-dyed coats – deconstructed, torn and then reconstructed, with rips left in tact.

Standout pieces included a whole selection of flared and wide-legged trousers, printed velvet tracksuits and cropped shirts. Floppy, lacklustre and somewhat messy were key phrases here, and as baggy as Shaun Ryder et al intended.