• Text Clementine Zawadzki
  • Photography Harry Clark
  • 13th June 2015


Androgynous with a capital A, and Rock ‘n’ Roll with a capital Mick Jagger, Courtney Love, PJ Harvey – trust us, the list is endless – Todd Lynn’s designer stakes are high profile and avant-garde. One by one, tall, fresh-faced models with matching white, Mad Max inspired, fringed wigs, poured into the space. Sheer off-white tailored suits in both long lines and shorter hems featured, with paneled shift dresses, cut-off shorts, and wide sleeves that stand out details.

Strong shoulders were a throwback to the power suit, but soft fabric created an angelic feel to counterbalance the fine black ribbon, which laced and accented waistlines. Silver, tapered blazers were futuristic. Brown and beige squares put a modern spin on patchwork. Classic never goes out of style.