• 16th July 2015

Island vamp

Seamlessly blending desperate elements comes naturally to Thaddeus O’Neil, this was never more evident than in his SS16 collection, a Hawaiian, vampish mash up – complete with blood running make up and Hula leis. Less surfin’ safari, and more of a rave, pastel pea coats, Miami Vice suits, and fluorescent jacquard print blazers set the scene for an aesthetic inspired by the unpredictable, and modeled by the bohemian.

Going with the flow, the label’s ‘Children of the Night’ collection infuses light and shade, takes the good with the bad, and rides a juxtaposed wave made out of Japanese silk and Mélange yarn that even Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat would be envious off. Red lei’s and socks complemented the Dracula inspired makeup look that made gothic chic the new bright and bubbly.  Drawstring waists, and wide, horizontal patterns, at times interlaced with imagery of pineapples, had us pining for the beach, and for the sun to kiss our skin into an array of sparkling diamonds. Radical, and most likely hipster approved, Thaddeus O’Neil SS16 is right on the money.