• Text Clementine Zawadzki
  • Photography Takanori Okuwaki
  • 14th June 2015

Iron Wheel Club

Silas Adler’s Soulland was perfectly tuned to the church of St George’s, Bloomsbury. The high ceilings and stained glass windows not only contributed to the feel of the Danish menswear brand’s SS16 collection, but was also a seamless juxtaposition to a colourful frieze by American artist Charlie Roberts, which acted as a backdrop for the presentation.

DJ Screw’s mixtapes 5am and Sittin’ On Chrome blared as the dynamic showcase effused articles of pop culture and remnants of history. Sixteen models comprised Soulland’s ‘Iron Wheel Club’, which illustrates African-American stories of rebellion, innovation, and liberation. With Roberts’ view that “sex, drugs, hip hop and sports are all really the same energy,” jacquard woven patterns and embroidery exclusively featured amongst patchwork shirts, torn sleeves, striped linen suits, denim, and graffiti-covered blazers. Urban renewal of the highest order, Soulland’s SS16 sees a nod to outlaws, and the contemporary era which sees historical influence become popular on the streets.