• 24th June 2013

A history of rebellion

Massimiliano Giornetti’s forward-looking graphic collection was catalysed by a photographic series from the 1930s, celebrating the physicality of the male figure.

Applying the brand’s savoir faire approach to sportswear, and blurring with the formality of tailoring – the same fabrics were used across both – Giornetti talked of a workshop where new clothing formulas are tested.

A surprising direction for Ferragamo then. Or is it? Mr Ferragamo’s women’s footwear was radical in in its day too: think of those rainbow wedges (the wedge was his invention), cage heels, his invisible shoe made with nylon filament. The sock shoes in this show were based on an idea Ferragamo showed in 1951.

Even when it’s set to Jon Hopkins’ rousing techno, the shock of the new is more classic than you’d think.