• Text  Dean Mayo Davies
  • 27th June 2013

Somewhere there's a fashion show

Amongst Winny Puhh singer Indrek Vaheoja taking to a modernist soapbox in a billowing gown that went on and on, flanked by his band of beasts, a fashion show happened.

A wall of hair and vocal terror, with two drummers spinning on a vertical wall banging one kit, Rick Owens’ models darted around a happening that caused one or two editors to redesign their knickers – and not in this season’s colours.

The collection itself? A black mesh sportswear workout with lacing and fringing.

On the feet, a pustular Adidas trainer collaboration with no stripes (and the purity of a Brancusi), because this designer wanted gym sneakers for himself. That this band of Estonian metallers are not anyone’s darlings, normally the prerequisite for a live catwalk PA, will be infinitely nourishing to Paris’ LA alien.

In fact they got rejected from Eurovision 2013. The ideal new recruits for Owens’ pernicious merry mob then. And the protagonists of his BEST. SHOW. EVER.