• Text Fabien Kruszelnicki
  • 16th January 2014

Worlds collide

Rick Owens’ leather clad army stormed the runway as a picture-perfect view of the Eiffel Tower hung outside the window of the Palais de Chaillot. An intriguing shift from the black void of Owens’ usual showspace on the other side of town, and a spark of friction apparent from the meeting of worlds.

Classic browns, blacks and whites conquered the palette, as Owens’ dark following shone out from under black and grey habits. Leather smocks hinted towards a primal ‘end of the world’ utilitarianism, with knee-high boots strong enough to wade through any epidemic.

Giant structured scarves injected another dimension to the vertical silhouettes. Leather tops had a single pleats giving a unique shape around the chest and shoulder, long coats with asymmetrical cuts were sharp, and layering of shorts on top of trousers (occasionally in the style of jump suits) suggested an ability to shed layers when needed.