• Text  Dean Mayo Davies
  • Photography  Harry Carr
  • 17th June 2013

Linder, please

“The SS14 collection is a celebration of individualism and the ‘outsider’ to establish a new standard of ‘normal’,” said Nicoll’s show notes.

Shades of rockabilly and biker ran through the collection, which through the Australian’s cool hand is never literal. That was winked at by Relaxed Muscle on the soundtrack, the musical project where Jarvis Cocker wore a skeleton suit and a full face of make-up to create unhinged alter-ego, Darren Spooner.

This catwalk incorporated the first appearance of S/HE, a counter men’s / women’s label featuring loaded collages by Linder on bomber jackets, sweatshirts and parkas. The progression of Nicoll’s ongoing collaboration with the artist, it was their own new normal.