• Text Lakeisha Goedluck
  • Photography Alin Kovacs
  • 9th January 2016

Cyber Sport

Due to the loss of his father, last season’s offering from Nasir Mazhar was decidedly melancholy. For SS16, his models took to the catwalk in all black – serving as a visual manifestation of his own sorrow. Black still dominated the FW16 collection yesterday and his penchant for print remained markedly absent. However, instead of a sense of mourning, there was an air of calculated minimalism to the designer’s garments.

Mazhar’s new aesthetic placed emphasis on structure – serving as a complete break from the designs of his earlier collections which were often covered in his logo. The designer joined the likes of Jonathan Anderson and Shayne Oliver by creating gender-defying silhouettes. Male models took to the catwalk in cutout crop tops – one even sported low-slung trousers, in order to expose the delicate underwear he was wearing underneath. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a few models were purposefully concealed, using mask structures which either enshrouded the head or partially covered the face.

“Imagining a club world of individual characters unified by darkness,” read the show notes, as the trancey sounds of DJ/Producer Murlo reverberated around the show space. From dresses with extreme thigh splits to the Cyberdog-style boots which finished off each outfit, the theme of club culture was definitely evident. It wouldn’t have been a Nasir Mazhar collection though without his streetwear staples – caps, relaxed pullovers and tracksuit bottoms were still in abundance.