24th June, 2013
Text  Lisa Olsson Hjerpe   

Lisa Olsson Hjerpe: You sure like putting on a show! How important is the showmanship for you, in relation to the actual presentation of the clothes?
Thom Browne: It’s very important. If I didn’t do the shows, I wouldn’t be in fashion!

LOH: There’s a very strong point of reference in the collection. Has the inspiration been the same from the beginning or has the mood and silhouettes changed from any initial thought?
TB: Every collection is different – sometimes it changes a lot along the way and sometimes it’s very specific already at the beginning. This one was very specific in the reference to cricket but along the way fabric developments changed a bit.

LOH: Why cricket?
TB: I was thinking of a sport that would be interesting and cricket just happened to be the one I picked!

LOH: I heard some backstage talk saying the black lips on the models were a last-minute-thing. What was the thought or emotion that brought that on? 
TB: Well, my references are never literal and that’s why I always like to throw something in to stir it around a bit, something figurative.

LOH: What emotion do you try to always remain with when designing for Moncler? 
TB: The sophistication of Moncler. I try to stay true to what Remo always wanted to do with the brand. Utilitarian but really well-made sportswear!

LOH: There’s barely no one without a smartphone in their hand and Instagram and Twitter are literally flooded with real time pictures and videos from the shows. What’s you personal relation to social media usage?
TB: My relationship to the whole thing is almost none. I mean, it is what it is, if it’s something you like – great, if not – well.. I don’t think it’s something to fight. It’s here to stay and I’d say use it as you want to use it!

LOH: Do you ever feel that the whole industry is just speeding too fast?
TB: Yes, the immediacy really is too much for me, you know, it’s spinning too fast.

LOH: If you weren’t designing, what would you be doing?
TB: I want to direct a movie! Maybe in a long time from now because I love what I am doing and it’s what I will keep on doing but someday I would like to try the director’s role.

LOH: Show’s over – if you could go anywhere right now, where would you be? 
TB: Home! Haha, I want to go home!