• Text Lewis Firth
  • Photography Takanori Okuwaki
  • 18th January 2016

Himalayan winter

Dried-out leaves covered this season’s runway at Missoni, inspired by India’s region of Ladakh, a cold desert stretched between the Kuen Lun mountain range and the Himalayas. This was an earthy contrast to last season’s brightly coloured rose petals. It was held outside, but guests feared not for the cold – this is Missoni after all, purveyor of the most amazing knits and homewares, and so we were given luxurious blankets to keep us warm.

Looking past the comfort factor was the collection itself, where seasonal characteristics extended even further. Missoni is master of rich colour, and here the pieces were awash with autumnal and winter shades: muted browns and oranges, ice blue and a few slivers of silver. Brrrrr. Hues of the latter were worked in among a bouquet of embellishments and knit-based artisanship in the jumpers, where zip-zag patterns of fringing, blocked colours and beading worked symbiotically to render something artistically articulate. Long cardigans were treated similarly while shots of tailoring – not a lot, just enough – were added for a formal contour. The ultimate balance, Missoni through and through.