HERO MAGAZINE SS14 Miharayasuhiro BACKSTAGE Alexandre Sallé de Chou IMG_8309

30th June, 2013
Text  James West     Photography  Alexandre Sallé de Chou   

James West: What does a Miharayasuhiro suit say about that man who is wearing it?
Mihara Yasuhiro: They want to challenge what they’d normally wear.

JW: Can you talk about the central printed motif a little bit?
MY: The phoenix is the symbol of eternity and it has the power to not able to compete with humans.

JW: The two final two looks at the end had a very strong print with vibrant colours, is there a story behind this print?
MY: For SS14 collection, I collaborated with ‘Hi no to ri’ and I wanted to express the layout of Japanese manga into prints.