• Text Tempe Nakiska
  • Photography Portia Hunt
  • 12th June 2017

Pink tension

Just one year ago, Per Götesson was completing his MA Fashion studies at the Royal College of Art. Today, he showed his third collection at London Fashion Week Men’s as part of the emerging group show MAN. Not bad for a young creative who, a short while ago, was dreaming big in his small hometown in Småland, Sweden.

Per has quickly become known for his generous silhouettes and use of democratic fabrics like denim. Creating pieces that remind us of the familiar, the everyday and the comfortable, Per’s work is informed by a ongoing exploration of male sexuality. Two seasons ago, that meant oversized jeans and overalls worn by models lounging, Princess and the Pea style, against a stack of meaty mattresses. Last season, it was all about lounge wear, inspired by pyjamas. Today, he traced the tension that can be created by fusing denim with tailoring. Exposing his process, Götesson turned neatly tailored blazers and pants inside out, contrasting skin-tight lycra tops with extreme volume trousers (another signature of his). One pair in shock pink was cinched with a belt so long it trailed on the floor, revealing a more playful side.

Collaborating with HUSAM EL ODEH, found objects like lighters, cigarettes and sea shells became jewellery, like totems life’s quieter moments, made precious. Götesson may have a tendency towards dramatic silhouettes, but it’s his quieter appreciation of the everyday that reveal something more thoughtful beneath.