• Text Lewis Firth
  • Photography Harry Clark
  • 10th January 2015

Strap in

The mood was upbeat and laidback. The first set of looks walked to Booo! by Sticky and Ms. Dynamite; this urban influence has been present since his MA collection. “[The songs are] very much my personal taste and I hope as unexpected as last season,” says Talavera.

The Hounslow born-and-raised designer continued to play with his signature, bold, pinstripe prints and stripes, creating opposing orientations. A nod to Talavera’s main influence, Sol LeWitt: an American artist who was famously known for his use of stripes. 

Muslim boys continued to be a primary influence: the thawb and bisht helped shape key silhouettes, and were layered with oversized (sometimes patent) jackets and jumpers, adding depth.