• Text Tempe Nakiska
  • Photography  James Naylor
  • 16th June 2014

20,000 leagues 

“What I want from you is… your voice,” growled the evil she-sea-monster Ursula. Her voice filled the MAN space as the drop of a banging bass line descended us into the depths of Bobby Abley’s imagination à la SS15. Ariel, the lobster-faced Sebastian and the evil sidekick critters Flotsam and Jetsam graced bright, structured sweaters and skateboards carried under arm, while metallic fringing and glittered fabrics brought the party to the more sporty pieces.

Disney is where Abley’s creative wires really get electric and consistently played it’s a fun – and nifty – game. Ursula’s menacing eyes will be dotting the streets of London in no time. Watch out.

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