• Text  Tempe Nakiska
  • 27th June 2014

Symmetry displaced

There was a beautiful dichotomy present yesterday, an intricate balance between restriction and movement done as only Maison Martin Margiela can. 

It began in quiet tailoring, paired with clomping Chelsea boots that drew an artisan feel from the flow of each look. Deconstruction followed, as it should at a Margiela show. A play off between classic and traditional, jersey shorts and cotton and linen pants joined to become hybrid versions of themselves. Elsewhere, jeans were stitched to a tailored black trouser in another dual apparition. Symmetry displaced – and it worked.

As we progressed, the silk parachute trenches that began the show transferred to track trouser silhouettes, while the upper body quickly shot to our attention sheathed elastically in nude body suits, complete with trompe l-oeil sequined patterns.

The beauty was in the magnetism of such detail combined with the intrigue of off beat cuts and silhouettes. Put simply, this season’s boys were vessels for a gold edition of MMM’s slightly warped vision.