Prepare for take off

Lou Dalton FW15
11 January 2015

Lou Dalton’s focus on contemporary tailoring is refined, presenting a strong and eclectic collection for FW 15. The Teddy Boy image was strong, but current, with varying textures a prominent feature of the slim lined couture, focusing on additional strategic layering, and clever use of fleece (an amazing pair of pink trousers to be precise). 

The tones were subdued, but worked together to present a cohesive and diverse look between pieces. The sensitivity of the man beneath the clothes was brought to the fore with dusty pink hues incorporated into black oversized coats, with softer materials regaling this point against navy – and at times – dark green. With tie-dyed printed pants of burnt orange and black, and workwear inspired shirts with large pockets and heavy top-stitching, Dalton proved construction needn’t be boring to be functional.

The smart sportswear inspired SS15 was measurably removed from the FW15 collection, as single-breasted jackets were traded in for fitted gilets that create an interchangeable look, with zips to transition them into full, freeform coats with oversized pockets, and wide tapered trousers with weighty structural pockets. A highlighted detail was the cartoon features of Thunderbirds on fine Merino wool knits, with scarves neatly tied and offsetting the black textural work of Velcro circles and Apollo 1 inspired zips. Lou Dalton’s pieces combined well to provide a variety of looks in both a singular sense, or in unison with each other.

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