• Text Fiona Hope McDowell
  • Photography Tomas Turpie
  • 14th June 2016

Calibration in progress

As the exhausts of Liam Hodges’ FW16 petrolhead collection finally cool, a sense of self-reflection has washed over him. “What if, in a fashion world saturated by white noise, where everyone claims they have something to say, a quiet focus on product can actually speak loudest of all?” Hodges questions via his show notes.

And he’s hit the nail on the head. People are becoming bored of over-stimulation, instead reverting back to the things that matter and cherishing life’s essentials – those voices which may be soft but they carry substantial weight. With this in mind, Hodges wanted to reign back his aesthetic and explore the design vision that first propelled his name into the spotlight. Blending masculine workwear codes with modern sports nuances, that’s where this designer really flourishes. Take this season’s oversized patchwork jumpers,  workwear shirts and 874 trousers (in collaboration with Dickies, the 96-year-old Texan workwear heroes), for instance. Wear them out, wear them in, these are pieces built to last.

But all work and no play makes Hodges a dull boy, and a keen sense of fun is injected into everything he works on – just think back to the recent book release documenting his obsession with pirate-radio culture, DIY elements and the pulsating rave scene, Hodges knows how to enjoy himself. Working on this level, his latest offering was “about play, aiding creativity.” Rough on the edges detailing, loose, billowing material and chunky, oversized everything made for the base on which Hodges stamped his mark. With patchwork, bursts of vibrant colour and shoe lace- like décor, he added dashes of quirk to the versatile palette of black, grey, beige and khaki. The combo of hip-hop and punk as clear inspirations, with caps and patches, paved a new way in everyday wear.

“REFINING CONTENT CALIBRATION IN PROGRESS” read text across each invite, indicative of Hodges’ mood. And by this SS17 offering, he’s heading in the right direction.