• Photography  Alexandre Sallé de Chou
  • 28th June 2013

Cognac Sport

Kris Van Assche cryptically titled his collection Cognac Sport this season. When we saw the old-school brown of look 10’s shoes, it clicked into place. Cognac is the colour of old-school leather goods. As well as the sort of lifestyle his boys, who still identify with streetwear, are beginning to live.

Shown at the Palais de Tokyo with precision, sportswear met tailoring; a triplefiltered, sophisticated continuation of AW13’s cut ‘n’ shut college sweatshirt suiting.

An electro mix of Pulp’s After You rattled away in the background, featuring Jarvis’s bon mots about Safeway, Tesco and Hackney. Proof, though none’s needed, that Van Assche is a designer constantly thinking about how his proposals fit into everyday life.