• 29th June 2013

Seriously dude

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim split their time between New York and Paris, though the West Coast of the US, California, where they grew up, never leaves them. The duo talked of their affection for their home state in the show notes and the subcultures from Pacific Ocean beach towns.

This menswear outing continued the cool and easygoing attitude they’ve cultivated since the beginning of their tenure at Kenzo – they’ve done more for tigers than the WWF thanks to those hit sweatshirts seen on the streets of every big city.

A tidal theme pervaded the hand drawn prints with waves and water today, whilst scribbles of California watchwords represented their wave masters’ cries to the ocean.

This was an early show, 10am on a Saturday. Leon and Lim always make sure we’re nourished, in the past giving us donuts and coffee. Today, in the spirit of the region’s juice obsession, a blended vitamin hit is exactly what we got.