• Text Tempe Nakiska
  • Photography Harry Carr
  • 18th January 2014

Truly seeing?

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim’s American dream continued this season, the California born and bred duo setting their sights on the country’s northwest. We witnessed them turn small hints of philosophical ideas into visual concepts, cast across a dark and immensely rich collection.

Their menswear vision continued in its effortless attitude, presenting pieces that would be as comfortable in the city as they would on western shores. But there was also a more thoughtful feel here, present in statements like, “There are things in life our eyes cannot see” branding jackets and full sweatshirts. Cogs, spokes and bolts whirred away on alternate pieces, embroidered there to represent the ticking of the mind in action. Even beanies, worn pulled down over the eyes, seemed to suggest the idea of seeing versus truly seeing.

Jackets and coats cast with scenes of northwest American nature were a striking addition and will no doubt become cult items. Of course, you’d have to go far to beat the status of Kenzo’s legendary tiger, but perhaps we’re ready for the next concept.