• 22nd June 2014

Sunned down

While John Varvatos’ creed may be rooted in glamorous notions of rockstar dress, it’s a theme that weaves in and out of the New York designer’s collections with fluctuating concentration. The likes of Jimi Hendrix and Kiss have informed the past two seasons (Gene Simmons and crew even appearing on the catwalk in FW14’s finale) and though Queen’s ‘A Night At The Opera’ was alluded to in yesterday’s show notes, this season suggested a moment minus the guitar pick – in favour of a day in the sun.

Awash with tones of off white sand, charcoal and khaki, each look leant itself to something organic – raw, even. Still, not for one second was the impression given that the Varvatos man has lost his desire to dress up. He’s just loosened his collar.