Slam dunk

Gypsy Sport SS17
Fashion | 13 July 2016

Gypsy Sport live in a world of their own, one where traditional gender boundaries don’t apply and its inhabitants can be whoever they want. This season they invited us to a colourful circus, a lighthearted glimpse into what makes these designers tick.

It was fun from the outset: brightly coloured animations backdropped the show, while the social media cast models walked an astro turf catwalk (and by walked we mean: Snapchatted, threw footballs to each other, and just generally did whatever the hell they wanted). The clothes saw a mix match of primary colours, coloured lace, world prints (a Gypsy Sport signature) and NBA jerseys. Deconstruction, restriction and release: this play was a nimble tactical lesson.

Another memorable show from a relatively young brand that has become a consistent breath of fresh air on the New York fashion landscape. 

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