• Text Tempe Nakiska
  • 17th January 2014

Ball games

Riccardo Tisci had games on his mind this season: ball games, to be specific. Between the audience and net-faced models sat a heavy cage, presenting an element of aloofness in a collection that was bold in every other sense.

White and orange panels appeared on hips and around waists, locking fur into place around the necks of Tisci’s bulked-up boys while painterly washes of white, purple and orange were splashed across sweaters and shirting. Court lines appeared across the hips while other pieces were printed as though a paint-covered basketballs had slowly rolled across them.

Smoking Mariacarla Boscono played her own games with the otherwise male gang, at first in low-slung pants, a striped black blazer and midriff-flashing bandeau before returning with fur draped around her neck, waist-cinched.

The female presence was gracefully paired with more tailored looks, refreshing amongst a collection so heavily grounded in sports. Coats were long and sleek, in grey and charcoal.