• Text  Dean Mayo Davies
  • 25th June 2013

Cracked up

From the Tundra of Autumn Winter to the desert this season, as Silvia Venturini Fendi filled her showspace with sand, her models walking on repeat.
(This designer has a thing for the iPad and the way video online can loop into infinity. FYI Save Vine, Bcc Instagram Video).

Blinding sun burning everything out, drying and cracking surfaces and morphing  colour built this collection. From the (relative) pragmatism of luxury utilitarian jackets and functional blousons to the modular: detachable sleeves and a double-face blazer that can be worn inside out.

Plus what we’re all looking for, arid landscape or not: a cracked, coated leather that gets better and better with age, seen on a parka. We’d take that trip.